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Sintech is driven by the revolutionary power of technological developments and connectivity in the industrial automation business. The company’s mission is to facilitate and transform production processes through agile approaches, advanced software architectures and smart integrated solutions. With an extensive experience in industrial automation and system integrated solutions, Sintech has been specializing in the design and manufacturing of robotic lines and automated machines.

Proud member of the Brevetti CEA Group, Sintech constantly redefines the human-machine interaction through innovation, expertise, performance and flexibility. By exploring new frontiers in development. Sintech acts with precision and effectiveness to improve the human experience in every process of technological integration.


Cutting-edge technologies

Reaching excellence and constantly overcoming technological constrains is only possible through a never-ending process of study, research and development, aiming persistently at maximizing the ease of use of the most cutting-edge technologies. Sintech aims at perfectly combine expertise and creativity in the design and manufacturing of automated machines and robotic lines for the assembly and testing of components for the following industries: automotive, mechanics, electronics, cosmetics, medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Sintech in numbers






Sintech evolution


30 years of successful achievements in automation and robotics

Founded in 1994, Sintech is among the first Italian companies in the design and manufacturing of systems for the industrial automation, medical and pharmaceutical sectors, with more than 1000 active installations.
  • Today

    Sintech is now part of the Brevetti CEA Group (global leading provider in the automated inspection field)
  • 2016

    Sintech is among the first businesses in Europe who manufactured a Cobot
  • 2008

    Sintech develops a new technology for high performance vision robot
  • 2006

    Thanks to the CRIOVAL research project, Sintech launches its Medical Business Unit
  • 2004

    Sintech establishes its Headquarter in Quinto Vicentino
  • 2001

    Registration as a Highly Qualified Laboratory
  • 2000

    Sintech obtains the UNI EN ISO 900 Certification
  • 1997

    Inauguration of the new factory in Bolzano Vicentino
  • 1994

    The starting year of Sintech growing business

    Research, innovation and transparency

    Being close to the customer

    Granting high responsiveness to the needs of the market and customers alike, with a growing global presence and an intercultural approach.

    Building value-driven solutions

    Constantly seeking to create value for customers, paying attention to their specific needs and responding with expertise and precision.

    Taking on challenges

    Embracing even the most demanding tasks and facing them with passion and dedication. Each project leads to continuous research for constant improvement.

    Thinking out of the box

    The pursuit of innovation is the driving force to explore new areas of improvement and move away from conventional schemes.

    Being simple, agile and crystal-clear

    Plug-and-play: always aiming at open, agile and smart production processes. Automation efficiency lies on simplification and optimization.