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Automation fields

Sintech aims at embodying the perfect combination between expertise and creativity in the design and manufacturing of automated machines and robotic lines for assembly and testing.

Automation and applied research

Sintech, design and manufacturing of robotic lines and integrated solutions for the industrial process automation.

Medicine - Pharmaceuticals - Cosmetics

Sintech offers customized solutions to efficiently manage process control and the validation procedures required by such a highly regulated industry.


The production of automated systems for the automotive industry requires standards and skills of the highest level, including supervising and traceability systems.


Thanks to an extensive experience in this field, Sintech has developed a demonstrated knowledge of automation possible applications.

Electricity - Electronics

Sintech expertise ranges a variety of product categories, including Timers, Thermostats, Connectors, Micro switches, Commutators, Electric motors, Electrovalves...

Plastics - Co-molding

The implementation of these technologies encompasses a variety of industrial sectors. In particular, Sintech specializes in one or multiple-component robotic islands for molding presses automated control.

Pneumatics - Sealing components

Sintech assembly machines are used for the production of a wide range of plastic products, including CD and DVD racks, spray bottles, pumps, rotors and knobs.

Can't find the right application for you?

Feel free to contact us! Sintech experienced and professional Team will support you in the creation of customized automated solutions perfectly designed to meet your specific needs.
We love to face unparalleled challenges and deliver extraordinary results!